"In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony."

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nathaniel's first week

Having to write this all in retrospect as was too busy to write it at the time!  Can't imagine why!

Day 1

Woke up cuddling my tiny wee baby boy.  He is so gorgeous.  And he slept all night in his bed until 5am when he wanted a feed and cuddle, which Mummy was more than happy to give him.  I couldn't believe he was so good that night but I felt as though I didn't get a wink of sleep listening to him grunting and making funny noises.  had to keep peeping into the crib to check that he was ok.

We decided to spend a quiet day in but did have a couple of visitors, which was lovely.  Margaret and Syd came over (the children's honorary Grandparents) to have cuddles and bring gifts.  They were also refereeing our discussion on names.  I wanted Nathaniel and Laurie wanted Isaac.  The only thing that we had decided on was the middle name - Stephen after my Dad.

The only thing that made me feel a bit down today was that my parents couldn't see him yet as they were too far away and by the time they will see him, he will no longer be that tiny newborn baby.  We have no contact with Laurie's family, so it was a bit sad that at this special time when families normally visit a newborn baby, we didn't have either family.

Spent the evening setting cover work for my classes for the next day as I was supposed to be there for another week and nobody knows what to teach them.  Strangely felt as though I haven't left even though I was typing out my cover work while holding my day old baby.

Day 2

Decided on a name - Nathaniel Stephen.  It is longer than he is at the moment but he will grow into it.

Two lovely friends came around today to see Nathaniel although I think I was my normal self as felt a bit zoombie-fied from no sleep in 48 hours (plus).  I felt sad for one of those friends who I know is desperate for a baby but is struggling to have one and I wonder how she manages to be so happy for me and all smiles, when I know she wants it to be her.  I am not sure that I would have her strength.  I just wish I could give her a baby and she will make a fantastic mum.

Michael came home with a lovely present for me - two class worth of work to mark.  Why did I say I would do it?!

Day 3

A bit chaotic as we had my brother-in-law and two nephews over.  When the midwife turned up, you couldn't move for toys and children.  So, we had to chuck them out to the park and do a quick tidy so that she would check Nathaniel and I over.  He was weighed for the first time since birth and had dropped down to 6lb 10oz which meant he lost 11oz in three days.

I also went out for the first time since Nathaniel was born and took Natasha, Kaiya, Hannah and Nathaniel to Co-op to get a few essential foods in and drove back.  Felt good!

Day 4

Spent the morning marking Year 8 assessments while Nathaniel slept in my arms - it is a good job he is small and can curl up so I can have both him and my marking on my lap.  Two more close friends visited and it was lovely to show Nathaniel off again.

As it was a Sunday, it felt very strange to get the children's clothes ironed for the morning but not mine.  Still felt as though I was simply off sick for a couple of days. My body was at home but my mind was at work.  Even emailed my cover teacher to check she knew what I had taught and what still needed doing.

Day 5

My own midwife came over to do the heel prick.  It was lovely to see her and we joked that she missed another birth so I would have to do it again so that she could deliver one of my babies.  We also talked about the delivery and she made me feel much better about it.

It was not raining (for a change) so we took advantage of it and took both Hannah and Nathaniel to the park. Hannah had such a lovely time and the fresh air was very welcome as had felt a bit cooped in until then.

Day 6

First time that Nathaniel and I had been alone since he had been born, so what did I do?  Sat on the sofa and just cuddled him while watching those great house buying programmes that I love but never get to see because I am usually at work.  Nothing beats cuddling a newborn baby!  Didn't get a cup of tea until Laurie came home and made one for me, but that was a small price to pay for a lovely morning.  Began to feel as though I was on maternity leave at last!