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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I have always had ideas of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do.  And I have always had the thinking that if you want it, and you work hard enough at it, you can achieve it.  Those who know me, will know that I have always driven myself on with these beliefs.

But, things have recently changed.  Why?  Because for the first time, I can't have see how I can achieve what I want, no matter how much I work at it, and that is incredibly frustrating.

As you know, I am currently on maternity leave from my teaching job and have decided to start a couple of businesses while I have been off - 'Daisy Birthing' and 'Baby and Children's Markets'.  I am also going to be adding 'Daisy Baby' to the list in April 2012.  But the training that I am doing to teach 'Daisy Birthing' antenatal classes has sparked off so many other ideas that I am so excited and passionate about.  So what are these ideas?  Well, here are some:

  • Birth doula
  • Postnatal doula
  • New Mum's support group/network
  • Pregnancy support group/network
  • Cafe for mums to meet
  • Independent baby shop
  • Hire shop
  • Local magazine for mums
  • Business mums network
You see my problem?  All of these involve time and money yet I am going back to work for 4 days a week and we have no savings.  These ideas are all so interlinked that one venue could house most (including my birthing classes) but, having looked at rental prices, it is way out of our reach and that's without pricing in gas, electric, water etc.  So there is the money factor.  Then there is the time factor - I couldn't do all of this and do employed work, yet need the employed work to pay the mortgage until the rest took off.

So, after going through all of the possibilities and options, I simply can't see a way around it and that is what is frustrating me.  Despite knowing in my heart that I could make these things work, help mums in Exeter and provide something so needed, it won't happen.  At least, not from me.  Probably someone with less passion and drive but money in the bank will make it happen.  

But, there again, being the forever optimist, maybe I will see a way to overcome the problems, that I haven't yet seen.  So, maybe one day....In the meantime, my Daisy Birthing training continues next week so that is something to smile about.

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