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Saturday, 7 May 2011

13 days to go!!!

Of course I know that babies don't usually arrive on their due date (although 2 of mine have) but even so, the thought that I could have a baby in 13 days doesn't seem very far away at all now.  Everything is ready although I don't start my maternity leave for another 12 days.  I am fine at work - better keeping busy than sat around all day - but it does mean that I get comments all day from lots of teenage children about my ever increasing size and their worry that I will spontaneously give birth while standing at the whiteboard.  Now that would be a story to tell in the future!

Not sure how Hannah is going to react to the new arrival.  She spends a lot of time kissing my tummy and telling the baby to come out, which is cute, but she has no idea what life will be like when she has to share the attention.  

This week, Hannah has perfected the 'Sorry Mummy' when she is naughty.  She says it so beautifully and sincerely that you simply can't stay cross with her.  Although I am not sure she understands what it means as more often than not, she will then go back to whatever mischievous deed she was doing, promptly followed by another 'Sorry Mummy.'

Having a homebirth has one major advantage - you are compelled to keep the house tidy just in case labour starts and the midwife comes before you have a chance to clean up!  So I am becoming a little obsessive at ensuring everything is spotless.  I now can't walk into a room without inspecting it for something not in its place or a bit of dust.  My house has never been so tidy or clean.  Hope the midwife notices now!!

I also have some lovely laminate in my lounge, dining room and kitchen which my husband, friend and children lay last weekend.  I decided Hannah and I were best not there with the mess and chaos so escaped for the day. Left the house with bare floors and furniture everywhere and came home ten hours later to three new looking rooms.  Now I have my sights set on a shower room and garden make over.  Not sure that they will get done before the baby arrives though.  Still, Laurie will have two weeks paternity leave to get them done soon.  Just got to make sure that the midwife doesn't see the shower room in the meantime or my image of a tidy, clean and organised house will be destroyed!


  1. hello, came across your blog through the writing group on BMB. you have a lovely tidy house with four children?!! you are super woman! i have four (inc twin baby girls) and my house is like an assualt course every single day!
    hope the next couple of weeks go by nice and easy for you :)

  2. Found your blog by accident...you are incredible! Best wishes for the new arrival...so exciting and precious!