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Friday, 29 April 2011

37 weeks today!

37 weeks today!  Not sure where the last 8 months have gone but am so excited to be officially full-term.  Feels very real now.  And after feeling panicky about getting the baby out before he grows too large (after the midwife told me to expect an 8-8 1/2 pounder) I am now feeling far more chilled about it all.  Partly helped by three lovely ladies coming up to me, while I was in the park with Hannah yesterday, to tell me that my bump was perfectly formed and shaped.  Very weird strangers coming up to me to comment on my body but as they said kind things, I really didn't mind!  So while I was feeling fat and uncomfortable, I suddenly realised that actually I will miss my bump when the baby comes.  After all, I know what the bump turns into after the birth.  So maybe I don't mind being pregnant a little longer and enjoying my shape.  

37 weeks today with my boy bump!!!

In the meantime, I realised this morning that my medicine cabinet is bursting with my potions for this baby.  I think the drugs companies are making a fortune from pregnant women.  I have raspberry leaf tea bags, raspberry leaf tablets, pregnacare tablets, iron supplements, and clary sage.  Then there is the after birth drugs ready and waiting.  Paracetamol, ibuprofen and arnica.  And I keep wondering if I have missed anything out.

Well, a day off thanks to the Royal couple and I am very glad for the long weekend.  Lots to do in the house as well as school work but am feeling a lot less tired than I was over the Easter holidays, so am hoping to get things done.  I might even get that last bit of skirting board glossed.  

After this weekend, I still have three weeks work (well, two and a half) until my maternity leave so I think I may be a little less energetic.  But on the good side, it takes my mind off watching for every little sign of labour beginning and that has to be a good thing!

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