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Sunday, 20 March 2011

31 weeks and life just gets busier

Got a spare five minutes - just time for a little update.

Am now 31 weeks but instead of life slowing down as I am in my seventh month of pregnancy, it just gets more and more mad.  At the start of the week, I went to work on four hours sleep as Hannah has a bad cold that kept her (and subsequently me) awake until the wee hours.Then, on no sleep, I am informed that Ofsted will be paying us a little visit next week.  The panic starts!

So, I have spent several days preparing for this visit.  Getting spangling lesson plans and resources at the ready and having some disconcerting dreams about Ofsted inspectors.  Typically, the weather is gorgeous as though it is mocking the fact that I am sat at a computer trying to feel inspired to create an amazing lesson that both the children and inspectors will love.

As well as working from home (as well as work), I have obviously looked after my children, done the housework and shopping.  Yesterday, I was pleased to find the time to get to the park with the girls and enjoy the fresh air to remind myself that work is only work and not my entire life - even though it is even impacting on my sleep at the moment.  Fortunately, the evening's television was only rugby so no temptation to chill out in front of the box.

Today, I decided to get down the car boot sale (as I love them so much and realised that my council tax bill doesn't need paying this month so I have a bit of spare money!).  So, off Hannah and I went at 7.30am and came back with loads of bargains!  Not sure that my husband thinks buying a double buggy when we already have a lovely one is a bargain though!  I tried to tell him it was a good idea to have a spare, but he fails to be convinced.  I also managed to get loads of baby boy clothes (again, not really needed as we were given loads but at 10p-20p each and so sweet, I couldn't resist).  Also purchased a nursing pillow, two dresses for Hannah and some coasters.  I dread to think what it all would have cost new so am pleased.  Hoping for a few more sunny Sundays before this baby arrives.  Which reminds me that there are only 8 more Sundays before due date!!!  Not many!!!

The bump (as he is still called as can't decide on a name yet) is generally being good.  Started getting back ache and pelvis pain the last couple of weeks which is getting steadily worse but it isn't really unexpected.  Bump now seems huge and has definitely grown in the last week.  In fact, I think I am the same size now as I was at 9 months with Hannah.  Mind you, bump size doesn't equate to baby size as I know from having four already.  The amount I am eating, may have more to do with it.  In which case, I had better expect an elephant!  I think the baby is also a lot lower than it was and it feels as though it is running out of room already.  he does have a habit of sticking a foot out on my right hand side and you can actually see and feel it from the outside.  That foot seems to be measuring about 3cm and gives me a lot of pain when he decides to have a stretch.  Strange that he always pushes it out in the same place though but that's what makes me think that there isn't much room left as he doesn't change position really, just stretches outwards every now and again.

Right, well better sort out the dinner and try and brace myself for Ofsted week.  I keep saying things will get easier but I really shouldn't as something else happens, so I won't say it, just hope that I can survive another 9 weeks without going mad.  Am beginning to hope that this baby is late so I can have some down time before he arrives.

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  1. It's always great to get a good bargain, I haven't been to a carboot now for a while but since you mentioned it you know what I will be getting upto one weekend ;)

    Fingers crossed 'bump' doesn't cause you too much pain within the last few weeks. Soon to be number 5 ay, how exciting :)