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Monday, 21 March 2011

What else can happen...

After yesterday's post (and bit of a moan) about how life is manic at the moment, it got even worse today.  There I was in the middle of a lesson, when I am told to ring my husband urgently.  What drama could be happening now?

An eleven year old daughter who collapsed at school and was still unconscious and awaiting an ambulance.

Fortunately, work and my work colleagues were fantastic.  By the time I had put down the phone and promptly burst into tears, five of my colleagues were there to ask what they could do to help me.  One got my bag from my room, another drove me to the hospital and my HOD told me to stay off and miss Ofsted.  Walking down the corridor, I found out that news travels fast as bumped into two members of SLT, both of whom already knew what had happened.  It made it much easier, knowing that I didn't have to worry about work.

We beat the ambulance to the hospital but, after what seemed an age, it pulled up and I jumped in to see how my daughter was.  Glassy eyed, unfocused, grey and not speaking.  A very scary sight.  The paramedics admitted that they didn't know what was wrong, which wasn't very reassuring as I just wanted a diagnosis.

By the time we got into a cubicle, Kaiya was slightly more with it and able to whisper single word answers although she had no idea what month it was or what had happened.  by this time it was about 45 minutes since she collapsed and she still was not all with us.  Fortunately, every minute that passed showed a bit more colour and a bit more of Kaiya returning.  I knew then that she would be alright.

After three hours, she had recovered enough to eat, drink, laugh at jokes and even start being naughty - she would be fine.  The medical staff never found a reason for her sudden and dramatic collapse when she was normally so healthy but they let her go home and I decided that I had better get back to work as had so much to do for Ofsted in the morning.

So, the stress and adrenalin of a hospital dash today.  What can happen tomorrow?  Oh yes, Ofsted.  If they dare criticise me, I am not sure I will keep my cool with them.  Do they know how hard it has been this last week?  Do they know anything about me?  No, they just see a 30 minute snapshot and make a judgement.  Well, I can do no more.  I am shattered - physically, mentally and emotionally - and have nothing more to give them.  Take it or leave it - this is me - Mum, wife, teacher.

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  1. That's the attitude! You are amazing and fabulous in all three roles (plus the many other you occupy, friend included) no matter what 'grading' they give you!