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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dishwasher sagas

A very strange update regarding the dishwasher fire...

Well, we put the dishwasher out the front on the night it caught fire as it was smelling and still smouldering - really didn't want it bursting into flames again as we had no fire extinguishers left.  Laurie rang the insurance company the following day who said we were covered and they would get an assessor to contact us at 4pm on Wednesday.

That was today.  Laurie was on nights and so asleep.  I arrived home at 4.20pm to find the dishwasher gone.  Thank goodness, I thought, the assessors have taken it away with them.  It was making our house look very unsightly!  But getting in the house I realised that all may not be as it seemed.

Laurie was still asleep and there was a message on the answering machine asking us to ring with a suitable time for the assessors to visit on Monday.

Thinking that maybe the assessor hadn't told the office that he had collected the machine, we rang them up.  Roll on numerous phone calls to several different places, asking if they had taken away our dishwasher.  Sounded so silly' "Um, excuse me, we are wondering if you have collected our burnt out dishwasher to be assessed today."

All the answers came back as 'No'.  Nobody was claiming it.  In the meantime, we didn't have the dishwasher for the assessor to assess to get a replacement.  And we don't have the cash and my hands don't need to do any more washing up.

So we rang the insurance company back and have cancelled our claim for damage and started a claim for theft.

Fortunately we are covered even though it was outside the house.

Just can't stop laughing about it.  Who on earth would steal a burnt out dishwasher?  Not exactly the type of item that you could just pinch on the spur of the moment.  No, it would have needed two strong men and a van.

Still, saves us disposing of it.  Plus there is no excess if it is theft compared to the £50 excess for the damage. So we win!  But what a thing to steal.

Life is never boring.  And never fails to surprise and amaze me.

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  1. ha ha, if you live anywhere like we do it will be the scrap men!! When we were having our extension they were driving up & down the street 3 times a week, slowing down outside our house to see if there was any decent scrap in the skip (even though it was on our drive), and they never ask!