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Saturday, 22 January 2011

My life

Well, it is my day off and Hannah has gone down for a sleep so I thought I would try to get my thoughts down before my baby brain turns totally to mush.

So where do I begin?  Sat at a blank computer screen isn't very inspiring.  Looking at a photo next to me of three of my children is much better.  It is a photograph from February 2007 - was it really nearly four years ago - when we were in Rainforest Cafe in Disneyland Paris.  It was such a fantastic holiday that we promised we would take the children again in 2009.

But that never happened.  Because in March 2009, we had our fourth child.

We had thought we were happy with the three but then they started getting more independent, my friends were starting out on their first babies and I guess I felt like something was missing.  I must say that it didn't take my husband, Laurie, a lot of persuading.  One evening, one discussion and we decided to go for it with a nine year gap between the two youngest.  We decided that we would give it three months, and if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be.

On that third month, we struck lucky and now have a 22 month old girl as well as a 15 year old boy, 13 year old girl and 11 year old girl.

I have not called my blog 'mad mum of four' though because in four months time, we are expecting number five.  This will have to be our last baby due to space, money and time, but it makes me feel quite sad to think that.  The last time I will feel the excitement at getting a positive test result; the last time of having the wonder of seeing a baby moving on a scan; the last time that I will feel the amazement of a baby moving inside me; the last time that I can look forward with anticipation to a birth.

But this is it now.  Our last one.  And a little boy!  Great excuse to go shopping for baby clothes as there is no way he is wearing any of Hannah's old clothes.

So that's my family - my husband, four children and another on the way.  So what else do I do?  Well, I teach English at a local secondary school four days a week.

Apart from my family and job, I guess I am a lady of leisure.  Or so I wish sometimes.  It is pretty never-ending but usually in a good way.  I certainly get no time to be bored.

Take today for example.  It is my day off in the week so I spent time playing with Hannah, started organising her wardrobe and drawers by taking out the old clothes etc, done some lunch and washing, been out to do the weekly shopping and am now back to do the weekly housework. When Hannah is in bed, I will do some lesson planning, get the bags ready for nursery, school and work and sort out the spare room for the 11 year old's sleepover tomorrow night.  Just two friends but that does increase our numbers by a fair bit.

Someone at work said I must be tired the other day.  Ha ha.  There is no time to be tired.  Although I admit that I am so look forward to my days off and can't wait for maternity leave to start.  17 weeks to go!  Right, well better get the dinner sorted - chilli tonight - and clear up before they get back from school.

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