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Monday, 24 January 2011


Two questions:
Why are us women so obsessed with weight?
Why does everyone feel they can comment on your physique if you are pregnant?

I honestly don't know the full answer to either of these so maybe someone out there would like to enlighten me.  All I know is that I am fed up with both of the questions and really wish that I didn't have to ask them but as it is becoming an every day issue for me, then I do need to.

So I am a 5 foot 1.5 inch woman.  The half an inch is vitally important!  I don't want to lose it as I don't have many to lose.  Before falling pregnant I was 7 stone with a bmi of around 18.5.  I was happy with my weight.  I don't diet - sorry girls! - as I burn it off easily.  Have four children and work and you will know what I mean.  But while I was happy, the midwife said that it was on the low side and I need to be careful.

By 15 weeks, I had gained 4 pounds but had no bump to speak of and was managing to just look a little before-period-type-bloated.  But then I was ill and lost 2 pounds.

So I spent Christmas with my feet up - well, not going out much - due to the snow and eating lots of Christmas foods.  Chocolate, cakes, cream, mince pies etc etc.  By the end of the two week break I had increased by weight to 7 stone 6 pounds but also had a massive bump to show for it.

Going back to work is when the comments started.
"You are only 20 weeks.  Wow, you are huge."
"Where did that come from?"
"How much did you eat over Christmas?"

I am now 23 weeks pregnant and 7 stone 8 pounds - a bmi of less than 20 - yet I get comments everywhere I  go about my size.

Here I am at 23 weeks:

What right does anyone have to comment?  I bet I have a lower bmi than most people, I am fit and healthy, yet 90% of people can only comment negatively. And they wonder why women have issues.

I know that I have to eat healthily for the sake of my baby but the emotional pressure that society puts on pregnant women doesn't encourage this.

So for all of those people who feel it is their right to comment on any pregnant woman's size, remember that they are not eating for greed but to grow a human being to it's full potential.  They have enough emotional pressures and worries over the nine months without you needing to add to them.  A pregnant woman's body is a beautiful thing.

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  1. Hi - spotted you had a blog on BC. I love this post, people keep making comments about me all the time and honestly i look around and think WOW youve commented on me and there are people out there three and four times the size of me but you'd not comment on their weight as that would be rude, but because i am preg you think its allowed with me.....