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Thursday, 27 January 2011


None of us like getting sick but when you have a larger than average family, it is a nightmare.

And we have a wide selection of places that the bugs could come from:

  • my work (as I work in a school and see on average 630 children a day there is a lot of potential there)
  • Laurie's work
  • Michael and Natasha's school
  • Kaiya's school
  • Hannah's nursery
So the chances of us being ill are probably higher than average.  But then if one of us catches anything, we are all doomed.

I dread anyone in our house telling me, "I feel sick" or even worse, "I've just been sick" because then I start the countdown.  48 hours until the next one and like Russian roulette, there is no guessing who it might be.  I look around and wonder which one of looks slightly off colour, which one has been off their food or a bit sleepy.

So 48 hours later, and there is another one being sick.  48 hours later, yet another.  And so it continues until we have all suffered.  A constant stream of running to the toilet, sick bowls and washing loads.  What great fun!

So, on Tuesday, I got the dreaded text.  'I've been sick :('  It was from my husband.  It is now 48 hours later and I have a 15 year old in bed with stomach pains and feeling sick.  I have cleaned up Hannah's milk that she vomited on the kitchen floor - well done Hannah, for doing it on the easy-to-clean laminate and not the lounge carpet or rugs.  And I have a washing-machine- feeling in my stomach.  

I can not be ill.  I am too busy at the moment to fit it in.  I am pregnant and really can't face being sick with a wriggly baby inside.  I am going out tomorrow night to meet friends.  So I am keeping everything crossed and eating little to try and avoid the inevitable.  

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