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Monday, 25 April 2011

A busy last day

Last day of the holidays and it is a manic day.  Partly my fault though as decided we needed to secure more of the garden for Hannah and so a trip to B&Q was in order.  So off we headed with our list and budget and I may have well chucked them both away.  Walking towards the garden area, I spotted some laminate reduced to £10 for 2.2 sqm.  On asking the sales assistant how much he had in stock, he said that he wanted to get rid of it and offered to reduce it to £8 a pack (£3.63 sqm).  So we bought enough for 40sqm!  Definitely blown the budget but a bargain.  Now Laurie has got to find the time to get the garden sorted so it is safer for Hannah as well as laying a laminate floor, which needs to be done before the baby arrives due to the dust and mess.  Oh, and the shower room needs doing but maybe I will wait a month a two for that!

So what else have I done this morning (apart from buying lots from B&Q)?  I have written a letter to my Head stating that I am going to take an extra 6 weeks maternity leave (unpaid though).  This means that I will be off until the beginning of April 2012.  Can't wait!!  Although I will miss my wages, especially with my purchases today!  But, in the meantime, I have four weeks of work to plan for and get through.  To be honest, I am not looking forward to it - am tired and aching - but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the thought of being able to take a decent amount of time off with my new baby (and Hannah of course) is fantastic.  It was tough going returning to work after 6 months last time, especially with breastfeeding and Hannah still waking in the night, so hoping that it will be easier this time and I won't spend my maternity leave worrying about how I will cope going back.

Right, well better go as I now have to take my girls out to a majorette display this afternoon.  On my return, I will have to face the dreaded task of getting the school uniforms ironed, packed lunches made and some last minute planning.  Then an early night, ready for a 6am start tomorrow.

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