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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Homebirth visit - good and bad points

Well, the midwife came over after work today to bring over the stuff I need for my homebirth and go through the paperwork involved and am now feeling apprehensive but also excited.  Apprehensive because this baby has grown a LOT in the last two weeks and is now at the top of the chart.  So rather than an estimated average 7-7 and a half pound baby, I am now looking at a 8-8 and a half pound baby.  Maybe not big for everyone but I am only 5 foot 1 inch and if the baby is late, I could even be looking at 9lb plus!

On the positive side, the baby is now well engaged (3/5 in the pelvis which is what the others were before I went into labour) and apparently the head is not moving at all - good that it is very unlikely to disengage but also could mean a big head (ouch!).  Hoping that the head being so low is a sign that baby is ready to come out in the next two weeks!  The head being engaged does explain the pelvic pain that I have been suffering in the last week too.  Good to know that it isn't in my head (but my pelvis - lol).

I do get to see my baby again tomorrow, just to check the presentation as I am having a homebirth.  This means that I get to see my baby once more before he is born.  And I get to check that 'he' is actually a boy!  The 20 week scan had better be right or I will be having a girl wearing boy clothes for the first three months.

The only other news from the midwife visit was that I have ketones, meaning that I am not eating enough.  Bit of a joke when I have a giant baby making my stomach so small that I haven't felt hungry in two weeks and yet the baby has grown loads.  How big he would be if I was eating normally is anyone's guess.

The reality is that I am having a baby!  And it is finally feeling real.  I have drugs delivered by the midwife in the fridge and the cupboard for baby and me.  My notes and birth plan have been written by the midwife.  The essential equipment has been dropped off in a big yellow bag.  And more importantly, my baby seems fully cooked now.  Or at least he will be in 72 hours!  While I don't think he will be a 37 weeker, a 38 weeker would be rather good considering his size and my comfort.  So lots of long walks, curries and bouncing on my ball from the 6th of May.  Or maybe earlier if the aches and pains get too much!!

Oh, forgot to mention that I went back to work today.  A five lesson day to keep me busy.  Wasn't as bad as I thought though and at least I have a long weekend to look forward to.  Am just surprised that my blood pressure wasn't raised with the long and tiring day but actually it was the lowest one to date (106/60).  Is that a sign of impending labour?  May have to research that one.

Lastly, and still work related, I handed in a letter to my Headteacher today informing him that I will be taking 6 weeks more maternity leave than I previously stated.  This means that I will be off from the 19th May 2011 (if baby not here before due date) until the middle of April 2012.  Yippee!!

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