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Monday, 11 April 2011

A busy two weeks ahead

It is officially the start of the holidays and I am so relieved that I now have two weeks off.  I seem to have exploded in the last week and have reached the 'uncomfortable whatever I do' stage.  I never got that with Hannah so I had forgotten what it was like.  So while I am happy to be off work, I am not sure that I will be working harder at home with four children and a very long list of jobs to do.

My husband keeps saying that I am nesting but I am not!!  I am simply being practical.  There are things that need doing before the baby arrives and as I am working until a day before this little one is due, there is no way that I will have the energy to work, run kids around and also this long list.  So it is a case of now or never (well, a very long time anyway).

Here is the list so far (keep adding to it) and it isn't too bad, as I have already painted the kitchen (finished the second coat at 7.10 this morning), bought Kaiya's shoes, washed the baby clothes, folded and put them away, and spring cleaned over half of the house.

  • Spring clean house 
  •  Wash baby stuff   
  •  Paint kitchen 
  •  Paint lounge   
  • Gloss woodwork throughout house
  • Paint hallways
  • De-weed and tidy garden
  •  Haircut 
  • Midwife appointment
  •  Shopping for hospital bag 
  • Pack hospital bag  
  •  Buy Hannah's shoes 
  •  Buy Kaiya's shoes 
  •  Get baby stuff ready     
  •  School work               
  •  Clean and hoover car 
  • Clean carpets
  • Grout bathroom
Today, I am trying to decide between painting the hallways or the lounge plus gloss work.  Decisions, decisions...

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