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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

One month to go but am enjoying the weather

It is the 20th of April today which means that it is a month until my due date.  Please can anyone tell me where the last 8 months went?  (Or rather 7 and a half since getting that positive test result.)  Some days I feel totally ready - I have the bag packed, the baby clothes washed and am now fed up of the fat waddling look - but then I try to imagine another baby in our house and I feel totally unprepared.  But it doesn't matter how ready I am or not as at some time in the next 6 weeks (if he is two weeks late), I will have my fifth baby.  A baby with no name!

In the meantime, I am enjoying this absolutely gorgeous weather that I can't believe is here as it is a school holiday and usually the weather is terrible when the children are off.  I have lost count of the miles that I have walked while trying to enjoy this beautiful sunshine but it has been great.  Family days out on the beach or at the park in the sun is what Summer is all about.  Just keeping everything crossed that it lasts until at least the end of the holidays.

With two weeks off and this sun, I am feeling more relaxed now than I have in months and simply don't want it to end.  Can I press the pause button please and make the most of the simple life without the stresses of work and dashing about?  I could really get used to this.

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