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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Knocked over with a bump

Feeling a little sorry for myself today - which is not like my usual bouncy positive self - but I do have a bruised and grazed ankle as evidence for my mood.

Leaving work yesterday, I got knocked to the ground by an out-of-control bmx bike with a pair of teenage boys trying to control it.  I am not sure what I said to them, although I am fairly sure that I didn't swear, but I am pretty sure they understood my primal maternal anger.

I put my hand out to slow my fall (leaving the work laptop bag to fly a few feet away) and I am fairly sure that I managed to avoid my bump crashing into the ground.  But the adrenalin and fear meant that I felt no pain at all.  In fact, it wasn't until I got home that I realised my ankle was very painful where the tyre had collided with me.  But at least my baby was wriggling around happily oblivious to his mother's emotional state. In fact, he was still prodding and poking me as I tried to go to sleep.  Normally, this would bug me as I would be shattered and yet unable to sleep while he somersaulted around.  But last night, he could keep me awake all night, just so long as he was ok.

This morning, my ankle is a lovely shade of blue and the shock is wearing off.  Hoping that I feel as strong as I usually do, come Monday morning when I have to return to work.

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