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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Potty Training continues....just!

Our first full day of potty training wasn't too bad.  Two in the potty and five misses.  But she seemed keen to get the chocolate and wanted to sit on the potty a lot.

Our second day started only three hours ago and I am ready to put a nappy on already.  Admittedly, Hannah had milk and juice first thing but even so, where does all the wee come from?

When her nappy came off, she ran straight to the potty and did a wee.  Mummy was very pleased and lots of praise ensued.  I thought we had cracked it.  Unfortunately, that thought was far too premature.  What has followed is five accidents on my floor.  Fortunately all of them being of the watery kind but there seems no attempt to get to the toilet and Hannah seems quite happy to stand there and wee while playing with her toys.

Maybe 23 months is too young.  I will see if I can last until the end of the day without getting too stressed or using all my kitchen towel up.  If there is no improvement, I am afraid that the nappies will be back on until Easter at the earliest.

Wish me luck for the rest of the day.  Think we are definitely staying in!

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