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Monday, 21 February 2011

Potty training and sickness

Well, I have decided to give it one more day, which is today.  If no progress by the end, then the toilet will have to wait a couple of months until I have the energy to have another go.  Although I will be eight months pregnant by then so that is a bit of an oxymoron.

While Hannah was still in her pajamas and nappy, I asked her if she wanted nappy or toilet today.  She said toilet very firmly, followed by, "Nappy off".  So off they came, she sat on the potty and promptly did a wee.  So, after praise and chocolate I explained that if she needs a wee, she needs to say toilet.  She doesn't seem to be getting this though.  Every time I ask, "What do you say if you need a wee?"  I get the reply, "Chocolate."  Oh dear!  She's two steps ahead and I just want a simple 'toilet' answer.  Am not holding much hope out.

In the meantime, three out of the four children have had a sickness bug in the last five days.  How did they manage to wait until the half-term?  And as for me?  Well, I have had nausea for two days, which feels better if I eat - a bit like morning sickness - so very odd.  To be honest, I am sick of it now (lol) and just wish I would actually be sick so I could feel better within a few hours or just go away.   The constant nausea is driving me to distraction.

So, with the sickness bug and potty training, we are off to a great half-term start.  Still, it can only get better!  Got the dentist to look forward to tomorrow and then blood tests on Thursday!

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