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Friday, 25 February 2011

My two babies are doing great!

Got two of my babies measured yesterday - no it's not twins! - Hannah and the bump.

Haven't had Hannah weighed or measured since she had her year check and, as she is two in less than two weeks, I thought I would see her progress.  She is now 22lbs and 81cm.  So still a weeny one but is out of the shaded bit on the bottom of the chart and doing well.  She is such a character now and so opinionated, which is a bit scary for her age.

Her last funny comment was a couple of days ago after she released wind from her rear end.  I said, "Hannah, what do you say?"

She replied with, "Fart!".

Trying to keep a straight face, "No, you say pardon me."

"No, fart."

And so it went on.  I think I lost to a two year old.  Is this the story of things to come?

My other baby was also measured and checked yesterday too and is doing very well - growing, moving etc.  The only thing that I am not as impressed with is that he has decided to turn breech.  I know it is still early days (28 weeks) but none of mine have been breech at this point and they all stayed head down for the remainder of the pregnancy.  So, this little boy better turn around in the next month.  Got to ring up for my blood test results later and hoping that I am not anaemic this time (as was two out of the last four).

Anyway, thought I would do a bump picture update.  Here are two photos of me, both at 28 weeks and in the same clothes.  They say that the shape of the bump tells people what it is, so I thought of a challenge.  What you need to decide is, which one is pregnancy number 4 (girl) and which one is pregnancy number 5 (boy).  Please answer in the comment box below.

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