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Thursday, 10 February 2011

When I get an idea in my head, I have to do something about it - now!

I had one of those days today when you look at the rooms in your house and see that you don't like them.  So what did I decide to do - change them!

Of course, I didn't start straight away.  No, firstly I had to research the options and prices on the internet.  This led to doom and gloom as the things I wanted I couldn't afford (mainly a bigger house) but just the computer desk wouldn't leave me much change from £100 and I simply don't have that much to indulge my wishes.

So, I went for a trawl around the shops, keeping my fingers crossed.  Nothing at first.   Except some very light blue paint (Crown) reduced to £2.50 - so I bought the lot.  I blame it on the pregnancy hormones.  Fortunately, they only had four tins in stock or we would have been in trouble.  Just hope it looks alright on the walls now!  Still, even if it doesn't, I can tell everyone what a bargain it was.

Anyway, finally I found a hideaway desk for £28.  Just a bit cheaper than nearly £100.  And finally a smaller dining table for £25.  That's all I needed.  So back home by 2.30pm for the mission to begin.

The old desk had to be dismantled, as did the old dining table.  Then there was the issue of where to put everything that had been on the old desk - it was huge and had shelves of paperwork, bills etc.  Then I decided the small unit also had to go.  Another issue of where to put everything that was in it.  But finally it was done.  One small dining table and one hideaway desk gives us double the floor space.  Which we have now filled with Hannah's toys!

Still, it looks tidier and I can rest in my bed tonight happy that I have transformed by dining room for less than £60.  And maybe at the weekend, I can get painting and transform the dreary beige for happy blue for £10.  What a difference colours and new furniture make.  Obviously not as good as moving house but never mind.  One day.....

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